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Firefighter Aptitude Test – NFST (OFAI), OS (Gledhill Shaw), CPS

The firefighter aptitude test can sometimes seem overwhelming but once you break it down and practice each individual section, you will soon see that the fire exam can usually be passed with little effort. On this page we will break down:The most common firefighter aptitude test questionsExplain the different types of firefighter aptitude testsTeach you what […]

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4 Tips to Improve Your Interview Skills

Hi everyone! Today we will be going over some hints and tips to help you better improve your interview skills. Let’s jump right to it!​Tip #1 – AppearanceYou would think we wouldn’t have to mention appearance since this is the single biggest interview of your life right? Well, we will anyway.. just in case.Make sure you […]

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How to Build and Maintain Great References

One of the most overlooked gems of getting hired as a career firefighter is building and maintaining a great reference. In the small world we live in, you never know who knows who and more specifically, what they have noticed about you. The fire service is generally quite small and someone always knows someone who […]

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Smart Questions to Ask During Your Station Visit

In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of visiting a fire department before your interview and what types of questions you should be asking… ​So let’s get right too it!​So once you get there it’s important to get insight from different people in the department. You should try and seek out a probationary firefighter […]

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20 Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

Hi there, In this post, I supply you with 20 commonly asked firefighter interview questions. Before we get to the questions, here are a couple hints and tips for getting through the interview. Keep these in mind while you formulate your answers. Take the process seriouslyBe yourself, try to relax and make yourself comfortableFirefighter interviews are timed. […]

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Preparing For The Firefighter Interview

​   The process of getting a job can be rather interesting. It can be full of tests, questionnaires, evaluations, and of course interviews. If that job is something you want to make into a career, for many the process can be intimidating. In fact, the more we care about something, the more anxious we can get […]

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