20 Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

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In this post, I supply you with 20 commonly asked firefighter interview questions (be sure to scroll to the bottom for 5 bonus questions!).

Before we get to the questions, here are a couple hints and tips for getting through the interview. Keep these in mind while you formulate your answers.

  • Take the process seriously
  • Be yourself, try to relax and make yourself comfortable
  • Firefighter interviews are timed. If you finish all the questions and there is time remaining, you may want to revisit one or more questions to add information or you may want to go over all of the questions, again, depending on the time remaining
  • Answer the question fully and to the best of your knowledge and ability. Answer the questions as if you are educating the panel members. Remember, the panel can only give you marks for the answers you provide
  • If a question is long or has more than one part, use the pencil and paper provided to help keep yourself on track and not to formulate a written response. (It's important to note, you can only do this if the pen and paper are provided.)
  • Listen carefully and answer the questions you are asked. The panel will repeat the question as often as need be so don’t hesitate to ask to have a question repeated. However, the panel cannot interpret the question for you
  • Be honest and straightforward
  • Be concise and specific
  • Stay focused and keep your composure
  • Remember, the panel members are writing down everything you are saying so do not talk too fast or too softly … you want to be heard
  • And, remember that the panel is on your side. They want you to be successful in the interview!

Important Firefighter Character Traits

Chief Rick Lasky describing some very important aspects of joining the fire service. A must watch before any firefighter interview!

job interview 20 Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

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Firefighter Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself and why you would be a good fit for “blank” fire department?

2. What are your 4 greatest skills, and why would they fit our departments vision?

3. Give me an example of a time you were faced with a lot of downtime. How did you handle it?

4. Why do you want to be a Firefighter with “blank” fire department?

5. How have you prepared for this interview?

6. What is the city motto?

7. What is the chief’s name/mayors name?

8. Tell me about a time you received criticism from supervisor?

9. What have you done to prepare yourself as a probationary firefighter?

10. Describe a time when you dealt with a disgruntled customer. What happened and how did you handle it?

11. How many sick days have you taken in the past year? Have you ever been in trouble at work before?

12. Tell us about a job you enjoyed and why?

13. Every person who sits in that chair says a lot of the same things. What can you say about yourself to show us you deserve the job?

14. What are the duties of a firefighter ON and OFF scene?

15. You’re on scene of a house on fire. Your captain approaches you and advises you that he wants you to go up on the roof and begin ventilation. You and your crew feel this is an unsafe task. What do you do?

16. Captain is continuously giving you orders that you feel are unfair, what do you do?

17. Why is diversity important in the department?

18. How has diversity affected your career/life

19. Provide us with an example of a time you have had to make an ethical decision in a workplace.

20. Give us an example of a time you used leadership skills and guided a team to success.


VancouverFireInterview 20 Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

This was posted by the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services. It's critically important and applies to all recruitments. Understand your life story and the challenges and times you've had learning moments. Don't rely on questions found on the internet. They should be used as a tool to help you formulate answers but not the "end all be all". 

Our Firefighter Interview Preparation Service will will help you formulate and expand on these moments and challenges. It ensures you don't miss important aspects of your story and teaches you how to properly verbalize it to the interview panel.

Five Bonus Firefighter Interview Questions!

1. What does a respectful workplace mean to you?

2. A crew member shows you inappropriate female pictures, what do you do?

3. Tell us a time when you had to solve a problem and made a mistake. What did you learn and what was the result?

4. When did someone approach you who was angry or agitated, what did you do?

5. Name 3 major roads in our city.

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  • Updated March 6, 2023