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What firefighter aptitude test are you preparing for?

Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS)

The Cooperative Personnel Service Test (CPS) (used by Firefighter Services of Ontario Ltd.) is a multiple-choice firefighter aptitude test. 

This test assesses your knowledge, skills, and aptitudes necessary to succeed as a firefighter in today's environment. 

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Gledhill Shaw OS Firefighter Test

Gledhill/Shaw Enterprise Ltd. is the provider for firefighter tests of different Canadian Fire Departments.

A majority of these tests consist of emergency response scenarios and workplace-related questions, which makes it slightly different than the CPS testing process.

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Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT) - (OFAI)

The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (used by OFAI - Ontario Fire Administration Inc.) is a pass/fail type test designed for an entry-level firefighter.

The FACT Test is broken down into two major sections. These are the general aptitude test and personality inventory.

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National Testing Network (NTN) - (FireTEAM Test)

The FireTEAM Test is created by the National Testing Network (NTN) and is a very popular firefighter assessment test used by fire departments in various locations.

This test is different due to it's interactive nature. The test includes video-answer components where you watch videos and then answer questions based on what you saw.

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