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What firefighter aptitude test are you preparing for?

Not sure what Firefighter Aptitude Practice Test you need? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction!

Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS)

The Cooperative Personnel Service Test (CPS) (used by Firefighter Services of Ontario Ltd.) is a multiple-choice firefighter aptitude test. 

This test assesses your knowledge, skills, and aptitudes necessary to succeed as a firefighter in today's environment. 

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Gledhill Shaw OS Firefighter Test

Gledhill/Shaw Enterprise Ltd. is the provider for firefighter tests of different Canadian Fire Departments.

A majority of these tests consist of emergency response scenarios and workplace-related questions, which makes it slightly different than the CPS testing process.

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Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT) - (OFAI)

The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (used by OFAI - Ontario Fire Administration Inc.) is a pass/fail type test designed for an entry-level firefighter.

The FACT Test is broken down into two major sections. These are the general aptitude test and personality inventory.

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National Testing Network (NTN) - (FireTEAM Test)

The FireTEAM Test is created by the National Testing Network (NTN) and is a very popular firefighter assessment test used by fire departments in various locations.

This test is different due to it's interactive nature. The test includes video-answer components where you watch videos and then answer questions based on what you saw.

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