Would you say your RESUME and COVER LETTER are keyword rich and unique? Do they stand out and highlight your best qualities?

Let's face it... It's not easy getting into the fire service. All your effort, time and money comes down to the paper work you hand in. Wouldn't you want to make sure it contains everything you need to succeed?

Tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars and never get to the interview?

You've tried changing your resume layout, added new courses but still aren't getting any calls?

It's not your fault.

These days, cookie cutter resumes simply won't cut it.

If you can relate to these problems, we have the solution!

This resume service is tailor made for fire service personnel. We provide keyword rich and unique documents with the sole purpose of getting you to the next step.

We take your existing documents and turn them into something you will be proud to hand in. We remove the clutter, keep it simple in a way that is easy to score and will allow HR and Fire Chiefs to seamlessly breeze through your documents. (Trust me, they like that)

But I'm Happy With My Resume Template I Found Online...

Cookie cutter resumes just don't cut it. Everybody has them. Let's be honest, you're not the only person who googled "Firefighter Resume Template" or "Best cover letter for firefighters" and when it comes to filtering hundreds of applications having the same template, you reduce your chances of standing out from the crowd... even two people applying with similar resumes and letters are not likely to stand out.

By hiring a professional who understands the industry you are trying to become a part of, we are able to tailor your experience and skills to the job requirements. It will generate much better results and will leave an impression on your recruiters.


Most departments use computer software to automatically search for important keywords?

So that means, if you don't have the keywords they are looking for, you won't even be considered for human screening!

DON'T WORRY... Our team consists of professionals who have experience with this software. We know what keywords are important and we make sure to implement them in both your cover letter AND resume.


Imagine how fulfilling it would be to receive that phone call from the fire department of your dreams. They call to inform you that you've made it to the interview stage. All the time and money you have spent and finally... you're there.

Or even better yet, imagine what it would be like to finally step foot on the floor and getting your first call.

It all starts with the paper work you hand in..​


Here's what others have to say... (Only a small sample of over 700 happy clients!)

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Now I know you might be thinking...

Q. Is it really worth paying money to get something I can make myself?

I can certainly understand this question. In a day and age where we can just "google it" and find all the information we need.

However, cookie cutter resumes simply don't work. In order to stand out and make sure your documents are appealing to Fire Chiefs and HR representatives, you need to include the proper keywords and layout your information in the proper format.

Sure, you might get lucky but do you really want to leave it to chance?

Q. How long does this service take?

It's safe to assume that your new documents will be completed between 4-7 days. Often times, it's done before that!

It's important to note that if you have an important deadline sooner than this, we can often accommodate you.


Achievement Driven Resume

We write effective resumes that describe what type of impact you had on each of your former roles. By quantifying your achievements, we show a hiring manager that you were a vital contribution to your previous companies.

Professional Font and Colors

We only use professional fonts and styles for your resume. By utilizing more traditional fonts, you communicate a professional message.

Resume for Firefighters

Our team are well educated on what a fire service resume should look like. Why? Because we work for HR companies responsible for hiring!

Unlimited Revisions

We don't stop until you are satisfied with the final product. Rest assured that you get what you pay for!

8 Years Resume Building Experience

Our team has lots of experience. No individual team member has less than 8 years of experience making resumes. Let us put this experience to work for you!

Simple and Keyword Rich

When creating an effective professional resume, less is more. We leave the reader with a desire to call you for an interview to discuss your experience and skills in more depth.

Stored for Life

This alone is worth the purchase. We keep your resume on file for life! That's right! Lose your resume? No problem, send us an email and we will send you a copy!


We are available in multiple ways to better suit your needs. You let us know how you want us to contact you and we will oblige.

Stop guessing what works...

Stop wondering if you should or should not put a certain piece of information on your resume...

Stop asking yourself if you have the proper keywords...

Invest in yourself and get a tailor made, keyword rich and professional set of documents that you can be proud of!​


Q. What do I get if I purchase this service?

You will get a custom and keyword rich, resume and cover letter. We personalize it for the position you are applying for and we also simplify it to ensure you can use the same documents to apply for other positions.

The finished product will be emailed to you in both PDF (that can be sent immediately to new recruitments) and word format (so that you can edit it in the future).

Q. Ok, I purchased your service. What's next?

After purchase, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your payment. From there, you will be contacted by our resume team to get started on your documents. We will send you a short survey and we also ask you for any current documents you might have. That's it! We take it from there. 

Q. I'm not applying for a position as a firefighter. Is this service still for me?

Absolutely! We also provide this service to Fire Prevention Inspectors, Public Educators and Fire Protection Professionals.

Q. I have a question not covered here, what do I do?

That's not a problem! Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will gladly assist you. You can expect a reply within 24 hours. (Often times, MUCH sooner!)