Is this your first firefighter interview? Have you had an interview go wrong, or left thinking you killed it but never moved forward?

Are you afraid of getting to your interview and not knowing how to answer a question, having them come out wrong or not knowing if the answer is too long, too short or if you're even answering it correctly?

You're not alone...

It's been proven that without preparation, and the proper tools - time and time again, great candidates fail to get past the interview.

In fact, the more we care about something, the more anxious we can get about it, the more nervous we become about saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, and we can begin to overthink or shut down completely.

Thankfully, with our Firefighter Interview Preparation Service, we provide an easy-to-follow 5-step system that allows you to craft beautiful and captivating stories about your life and how they relate to the fire service.

We make sure you leave with the confidence and the knowledge on how to approach your next interview.


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Quality Feedback

We provide you with quality feedback thought your 3-hour session. After you complete the homework, we methodically go through each question. We provide guidance and fine-tune your answers.

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We ANSWER The Tough Questions

Our 5-step system is built to ensure you are able to answer the tough questions you can be asked during the fire service interview process. The system is easy to follow to keep you on track.

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5-Step System

We designed an easy-to-follow 5-step system that will allow you to craft your stories from past experiences AND how to relate them to the fire service. We strive to make sure you leave a lasting impression on the interview panel.

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This service is provided via Zoom. Enjoy top-level preparation from the comfort of your own home!


Many great candidates have had interviews in the past and have not made it to the next round! Why is that? 

It's simple, they lacked the proper preparation.  What's the saying? "Not properly preparing is preparing to fail"

We will coach you on every type of question. Behavioural questions, situational question, traditional questions, we have you covered. 

Having an interview preparation session will give you essential feedback, the tools to hone your stories and how to relate them to firefighter traits and characteristics - resulting in confidence during your interview.

Through interview preparation, you will identify inadequate answers, improve your organizational and presentation skills, ask the right questions and do the correct department research. Don't go into this blindly, we are here to help.

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By hiring a professional who understands the industry and is currently a career firefighter, we are able to tailor your experiences and skills to the job requirements. It will generate much better results and will leave an impression on the interview panel.


VFRS_Recruiters said it best, make sure you know your life story. Do not prepare for specific questions you might have found on the internet.  Be aware of your learning moments and when you have and have not done well.

Our 5-step system will help you formulate and expand on these moments. It ensures you don't miss important aspects of your story and teaches you how to properly verbalize it to the interview panel.

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Step 1 – The Initial email

  • After purchase, we will provide you with our 5-step system and guide you through the process of properly crafting your stories and life experiences, as well as 12 of the most common types of questions you may be asked during the interview.  * Note these are not 12 specific questions but question types (or groups) to answer many potential questions. *

Step 2 – Preparation & Story Formulation

  • You will be required to build your answers / craft your stories (from real life experiences) for these 12 questions groups using our 5-step system prior to the 3-hour interview preparation session. This will allow us to use the 3-hour session to go over every question in detail while suggesting improvements and letting you know if you're on track.
  • You will be required to submit your answers 24 hours BEFORE the call (minimum). This will give us time to review your answers and prepare notes to maximize the use of your call time.

Step 3 – The Firefighter Interview Preparation Call

 Here is what you can expect during the 3-hour session:

  1. 5-step system review: We will review the 5-step system with you in detail
  2. 12-question review: we will go over each question and answer, how your story can answer multiple questions, and suggest adjustments to improve the quality of your answer
  3. Interview Etiquette
  4. Questions to ask the panel at the end of the interview
  5. Research facts about each department you are applying for
  6. Visiting stations and what to expect
  7. And more... we don't want to give away all our secrets.. 😉


Brock is currently a firefighter in Southern Ontario and has successfully completed every CPS, OFAI, FSO, and York testing for multiple departments.

At a young age, he was always involved in serving others and was passionate about helping candidates successfully pass the interview stage.

Brock served eight years in the Canadian Forces Infantry and transitioned into a career in the fire service.

His program has helped multiple candidates pass the interview stage with municipal and industrial sectors, including himself in a municipal department.

Offering a unique perspective to interview preparation, passion for helping others succeed, and providing relatable experiences.


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The clock is ticking and your interview is just around the corner. 

STOP letting fear and uncertainty hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Invest in yourself and your future by scheduling your Firefighter Interview Preparation Session today. 

Our proven 5-step system, quality feedback, and personalized coaching will give you the tools and confidence you need to impress the interview panel and land your dream job.

Don't wait - click the buy button below and take the first step towards your successful career in the fire service!

Important Note - This service will require a time commitment of one week at a minimum (to prepare your stories). If your interview is sooner than this, please contact us before buying.


Do I need to have an upcoming interview to use this service?

Don't have an interview coming up? GREAT! More time to prepare. It's highly recommended to start preparing for the firefighter interview well in advance. It's a known fact that departments give very little time to prepare. Sometimes less than a week! The earlier you start preparing and formulating your stories, THE BETTER! We highly encourage you to start your interview preparation as soon as possible.

Is this service just a mock interview with someone and being critiqued?

This service is so much more than just a mock interview. We assist you with formulating your stories and relating them to the fire service. We strive to make your interview panel see you in the uniform and working with their brothers and sisters.