Jitters? Don't feel prepared? Not making a good first impression? We can help you with that!

The firefighter interview is tough if you are not prepared. Preparation is KEY when trying to land this job. Thankfully, we are prepared to help you!

With the help of FireRecruitment.ca, leave any doubt behind and smoke your next firefighter interview.

Is this your first interview? Or even worse, have you gotten to the interview multiple times with no success?

Are you afraid of getting to your interview and not remembering any of your answers, having them come out all wrong or not knowing if the answer is too long or too short?

You're not alone...

It's been proven that without the proper preparation, and the proper tools - time and time again, great candidates fail to get past the interview.

In fact, the more we care about something, the more anxious we can get about it, the more nervous we become about saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, and we can begin to overthink or shut down completely.

Thankfully, with our Skype mock interview service, we break down both your verbal and non-verbal skills to ensure that every answer is exactly what the interview panel wants to hear.

We make sure you leave with the confidence and the knowledge on how to approach your next interview.


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Quality Feedback

We give you feedback not once but TWICE. You will get your initial feedback after your interview and more thorough feedback a couple days later. Really targeting your weak points! 

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We Ask The Tough Questions

Our interviewer will ask you the tough questions that will really make you think. Facing these questions now and knowing how to approach them gives you a big advantage when it matters the most!

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Stored for Life

This alone is worth the purchase. We keep your interview on file for life! That's right! Lose your copy of the interview? No problem, send us an email and we will send to you!

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We offer this service with both phone AND skype. We highly recommend Skype so that we can send you a copy of the interview.


Many of you have had interviews in the past and not made the list but have no idea why!  We will provide you with interview coaching focusing on all types of questions, behavioral, situational and traditional. Having a mock interview will give you that essential feedback you have been wanting.

Through interview coaching, you will identify inadequate answers, improve your organizational and presentation skills and most importantly become more confident!

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By hiring a professional who understands the industry you are trying to become a part of, we are able to tailor your experience and skills to the job requirements. It will generate much better results and will leave an impression your recruiters.


Step 1 – Initial Client Consultation

  • We identify the skills and knowledge you have acquired through your education and activities, including leadership roles, volunteer experience, accomplishments and attributes by reviewing your resume.
  • We ask you if there are certain areas of weakness you would like us to evaluate.
  • We schedule the interview at your best convenience and choose what platform you would rather receive the interview (Zoom, Skype or Phone)

Step 2 – Pre- Interview

  • We prepare you for your interview; ensure that you are aware of what types of questions they might ask and how to properly answer them.
  • We brief you on proven interview techniques.
  • Answer any questions you might have pre-interview.

Step 3 – The Interview

  • We ask a sample of questions you may be asked, but also throw some questions your way that catch you off-guard
  • We analyze your mannerisms and speech
  • We record the interview so that you can have a copy to review
  • After the interview, we give you initial feedback on your mannerisms and speech

Step 4 – Post Interview

  • We thoroughly review the interview to better analyze your mannerisms and speech.
  • Within the next couple days after your review, you will receive a detailed review on your strong and weak areas. We break down how to improve those weak areas.

The FireRecruitment.ca mock interview service really is a no brainer if you are serious about achieving your dream job.


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The first step to being comfortable in the interview is to be prepared. - If you don't feel prepared or feel like something is missing, let our mock interview service speed up the process and put your mind at ease!!