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Welcome to the resource page! On this page you will be able to find some great information to help you with the recruitment process. I cover some much needed information to make your life that much easier. 


Get the general information you need to become a firefighter.

Fitness Testing Information

Fitness Testing Information

Find great information on testing facilities. This includes locations, telephone numbers, pdf files and email address. A quick reference to get you up and going.

How To Become A FireFighter

One of the first articles I made for this website. It would be a shame to have it go to waste. This article are the basic requirements to become a firefighter. A great read!

Twenty Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

Practice your interview answers with some common sample firefighter interview questions. You can also find some hints and tips too!

The Fire Community Rules

You can find all the rules you need to know to be part of The Fire Community. Be sure to read these to prevent being banned.

Our Services

Make your next recruitment your last! Invest in yourself.

Resume Service

If you don't think your resume stands out above the crowd, this is the service for you. We will make your resume shine above those of your competitors. Don't let your dream job slide through your fingers because of a cookie cutter resume. 

Mock Interview Service

If you don't feel prepared for your interview, we are here to help. Don't just "wing" an interview, the best thing you can do to improve your chances is to be prepared. We record, critique (twice) and save all mock interviews to ensure you are prepared come interview day.

TestReadyPro Aptitude Testing Service

I can't repeat this enough. When it comes to landing your dream job, preparation is KEY! The best thing you can do to prepare is to constantly stay on top of your game and study frequently. Check this great service out and be ready for your next aptitude test.

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