Probationary Volunteer Firefighter – Hamilton – 2023

NewJobIcon Probationary Volunteer Firefighter - Hamilton - 2023
City of Hamilton
January 13, 2023
Hamilton, Canada
Job Type
$20.970 - $26.210 per hour
Work Hours
As required


Do you have a desire to help keep your community Healthy and Safe?  The Hamilton Fire Department is looking for individuals who have and can demonstrate the personal values of trust, honesty, integrity, compassion and empathy and can perform as part of a team. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to perform a number of tasks including: fire protection and rescue services, fire inspection and public education within established policies and guidelines. With our continued commitment to an inclusive workforce, one of the strengths of our Department is the diversity of our people. We encourage you to join the Hamilton Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter and experience one of the most rewarding, engaging and exciting opportunities within your community.

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs fire ground operations under the direction of a Supervisor, search and rescue, protecting exposures, confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire, salvaging and overhauling the structure and its contents so that lives are protected, and property loss is minimized, and performs these activities in accordance with department policies and procedures.

Performs rescue operations through, a primary and secondary search, stabilizing the scene and the victims’ injuries, and providing a means of egress so that the victim is moved to an area of safety while preventing injury to the rescuer or additional injuries to the victim.

Protects people and minimizes property and environmental damage through controlling, elimination, isolation or reduction of hazardous materials.

Operates fire apparatus within the parameters of the Highway Traffic Act and the vehicle’s design so that the apparatus is used safely and efficiently.

Applies first aid to stabilize the patients’ condition and prepares the patients for transport to medical care facilities.

Inspect fire apparatus and equipment to ensure a level of response readiness, so that equipment life is extended, safety is ensured, and equipment operates properly.

Participates in fire safety inspections, including checking for fire hazards, fire protection systems, fire detection systems, and access and serviceability of fire department connections, so that a general level of safety can be maintained within a community.

Performs station duties by answering telephones and taking messages, cleaning and maintaining the station so they remain clean and functional, receiving and conducting inventory of station supplies, and performs these activities in accordance with department policies and procedures.

Performs public relations activities including public assistance, making presentations, participating in special activities, performing demonstrations and projecting a professional image while engaging the community with the primary goal of educating the public in fire safety.

Operates mobile and portable radios, computers and other communications equipment so that required messages are transmitted or received in accordance with department policies and procedures.

Assists with the development of pre-fire plans by conducting a survey of the structure and property, preparing a sketch with measurements, determining the type and location of hazardous material, the locations of fire protection systems and utility shutoffs; the type and density of occupancy and planning attack and evacuation routes and fire suppression procedures so that all pertinent information is available to fire suppression personnel for determining initial response and incident command.

Performs assigned record keeping duties, so that all related records and required documents are completed, maintained and all relevant legislation is complied with, to ensure overall efficient operation of the organization.

Performs in accordance with the provisions of applicable Health and Safety legislation and all City of Hamilton corporate and departmental policies and procedures related to Occupational Health and Safety.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Grade 12 or approved equivalent.
  2. You must live within the volunteer response area that you are applying to.
  3. Must be able to work in a highly structured work environment and follow rules, regulations and procedures of the Hamilton Fire Department.
  4. Must be able to meet performance levels as outlined in the collective agreement including emergency responses, weekly training session requirements and regularly scheduled station duties.
  5. Must be able to respond to emergency response calls. Preference will be given to those able to accommodate varied shifts.
  6. Must be capable of learning and performing the various methods and techniques used in extinguishing and preventing fires and in rescue techniques.
  7. Ability to conduct routine cleaning of all types of apparatus and equipment used.
  8. Ability to communicate in English both orally and written.
  9. Ability to make decisions and to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.
  10. Must possess and maintain the physical strength and agility to perform arduous duties and to competently operate all firefighting/rescue apparatus and equipment and all safety equipment under all types of adverse conditions frequently for prolonged periods of time.
  11. Must have the ability to acquire a general knowledge of hazardous materials, poisonous substances, arson detection, life safety systems and other job-related subjects and be familiar with the procedures associated with these functions.
  12. Must possess the ability to perform within confined spaces or high places.
  13. Must be able to successfully complete a psychological assessment completed by a mental health professional of the employers choosing. Candidates will not be provided with the results of or feedback from their psychological assessments.
  14. Must possess a valid Ontario Class “G” Driver’s Licence or equivalent with zero demerit points and satisfactory to the City of Hamilton at time of application and must be maintained throughout the entire process. Must be able to obtain an Ontario Class “DZ” Licence prior to completion of probationary period.
  15. Must successfully complete the recruit training program which consists of in class training within the prescribed requirements of the collective agreement.

Additional Information


If moving forward in the process, you will be contacted by the City of Hamilton with a scheduled medical assessment conducted by a third-party organization. Please note the following vision requirements: Have visual acuity, minimum requirement of 20/30 corrected OR 20/40 uncorrected both eyes tested together, normal depth perception and colour vision.


If moving forward in the process, you will be contacted by the City of Hamilton and will be required to obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check, at your own expense. You must have no criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted at time of application.


Photo ID is required at time of testing and throughout the process (one of the following): Driver’s Licence, Military ID, Passport, Health Card.