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Vancouver Fire Rescue Services
    August 8, 2019
    Vancouver, Canada
    Job Type
    September 13, 2019
    $69 204 yearly - first 6 months $98 868 yearly - 4th year
    Work Hours
    2 day shifts 10 hours each, 2 night shifts 14 hours each (42 hours per week)


    Vancouver Fire Rescue Services strives to hire the best. We are looking for qualified men and women who are pursuing a demanding, exciting and rewarding career in firefighting to join our team.

    Today’s firefighter is a skilled professional able to face every kind of emergency. Vancouver Fire Rescue Services will provide training on preferred methods for various job tasks. Through this training and experience Vancouver firefighters learn the latest developments in firefighting, rescue techniques, medical emergency procedures and public education. We also cover such subjects as the control of hazardous materials, communication systems, fire prevention legislation and fire investigation techniques. Vancouver Fire Rescue Services is a customer-focused organization and the ability of our firefighters to speak other languages and have knowledge of different cultures is an asset.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    If you are interested in becoming a Vancouver firefighter you need to possess:

    • Adaptability
    • An ability to think critically
    • Teamwork and communication skills
    • A lifestyle that exemplifies fitness, health and wellness
    • A desire to serve the public
    • Mechanical aptitude

    Working as a firefighter you will be exposed to prolonged hours of physical and mental exertion. You will experience sleep deprivation and may be awake for up to 24 hours at time. You will be exposed to stressful situations that will be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. You will work in situations that have a risk of injury or death. You will be expected to maintain a professional level of conduct both on and off the job. Your actions and behavior may be captured and put on media and/or social media by news teams and the general public.

    VFRS has many systems in place to support and help our members due to the numerous challenges we face in this profession. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood that come together to look out for and support each other on and off of the job. We have a Critical Incident Stress Management team that debriefs and supports crews after difficult calls. All members receive “Resilient Minds” training that focuses on strategies to deal with the challenging mental aspects of our profession. We even have a trauma dog named “Lola” that helps members to deal with occupational stress. We have an Occupational Health and Safety team that are dedicated to making our daily jobs as safe as possible. We also have an Employee Assistance Program that supports not only our members but also their families because we recognize that issues at work can affect family members too. You can be sure that members of Vancouver Fire and Rescue are well supported.

    Minimum Qualifications

    •  Transcripts demonstrating high school or GED completion (NOT diploma)

    *High school transcripts from educational institutions outside of North America must be accredited by a Canadian accreditation service and if not written in English must be translated to English and officially notarized before submission.

    • Transcripts or certificates demonstrating completion of the NFPA 1001 Level I & II with appropriate IFSAC / Pro Board Seals.

    *Applicants without this qualification will be accepted. However, you will be required to obtain this qualification by either:

      1. Time of official job offer; or
      2. Time of hire.

              Which date will be at the discretion of the Fire Department.

    See or for a list of accredited fire academies.

    • Current driver's abstract (dated no more than 45 days prior to the VFRS application closing date).
    • Valid BC Class 3 Driver's License with air brake endorsement or equivalent for vehicles with more than 2 axles (Automatic transmission is accepted). Equivalent licenses from other Canadian Provinces or territories are acceptable.

    *Applicants without this qualification will be accepted. However, you will be required to obtain this qualification by either:

      1. Time of official job offer; or
      2. Time of hire.

              Which date will be at the discretion of the Fire Department.

    Please provide a legible copy of both front and back of license.

    Contact BC Driver Services for equivalency clarification at 1-250-978-8300

    • Driving record that demonstrates responsible and safe driving behavior. A current record with:
    • Infractions on your Driver’s Abstract within the last 5 years for Driving under the Influence (DUI) will eliminate applicants from consideration.
    • More than 6 points may eliminate an applicant from further consideration in the current process.
    • 24 hour Roadside Prohibition (for possible DUI) within the last 2 years may eliminate an applicant from further consideration in the current process.
    • Two years of accumulated work experience after the completion of high school.
    • Valid BC Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB) License in one of the following:
      • First Responder (FR) with Schedule 2 Endorsement
      • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
      • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
      • Advance Care Paramedic (ACP)

    Please provide a legible copy of the letter from EMALB stating you hold a valid license, including your license number and expiry date. If you have the older style card license, please provide a legible copy of both front and back of the license.

    Applicants must be licensed in BC. You may contact EMALB via the link below to enquire about transferring your qualifications:

    The First aid license must be maintained throughout the application process.

    Newly hired firefighters will have the option to maintain their current level of EMALB First-Aid Licensing throughout their term of employment. This is for EMR, PCP and/or ACP EMALB First-Aid License holders and will be facilitated through VFRS.

    *Applicants without this qualification will be accepted. However, you will be required to obtain this qualification by either:

      1. Time of official job offer; or
      2. Time of hire.

              Which date will be at the discretion of the Fire Department.

    • Legal entitlement to work in Canada must be shown by submitting a clear copy of one of the following:
      • Canadian Birth Certificate
      • Canadian Passport
      • Current Permanent Resident Card
      • Current Landed Immigrant Card

    Please note that a work visa is NOT acceptable.

    • Vision and Hearing that meet the criteria in NFPA 1582 Chapter 6:
    • Color vision safe
    • 20/30 corrected binocular vision and 20/100 uncorrected binocular vision or better
    • Normal hearing without artificial aids

    Applicants will be assessed during the Medical Screening Stage for these requirements.

    • NO job related conviction of a criminal or summary offense for which you have not received a pardon

    Preferred Qualifications

    These additional skills and experiences will enhance your application but do not replace the required qualifications:

    • Completion of fire service related courses or programs. We do not recommend any particular course/program in particular.
    • Practical experience transferable to areas of firefighting:
    • Experience/training in Emergency Services: Fire, Police, Coast Guard, EMS, Military, Search and Rescue and Forest Fire Service
    • Construction related trades
    • Heavy equipment operator, Truck driving tandem axle vehicles with a class 1, 2 or 3 license
    • Advanced medical training (Paramedic PCP/ACP, EMT, EMR, Nursing)
    • Valid British Columbia Class 4 Driver's License
    • Academic studies – college/university
    • Knowledge of different cultures/fluency in languages other than English/Travel experience
    • Coaching, teaching or instructional experience
    • Ability to swim and related lifesaving and rescue certificates
    • Volunteer experience and community involvement
    • Demonstrated athletic or physical capabilities and achievements
    • Knowledge and ability to work effectively with computers, programs and software
    • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment


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