Firefighter – Thunder Bay – 2021

Fire Recruitment Job Board Team
February 1, 2021
Thunder Bay, Canada
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March 1, 2021
As per collective agreement
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Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is continually working on building a diverse, innovative, nationally recognized Fire Rescue Service committed to ongoing quality service to the community it serves.

Our mission is "To Save Life, Property and Environment by Providing Fire Protection, Rescue, Public Education and Medical Assistance to Our Community."

If you are committed to serving your community, helping people, working in a team environment, are willing to continuously learn, and are physically fit, you may be an ideal candidate for a career as a Firefighter with Thunder Bay Fire Rescue.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction of an officer, the firefighter, is responsible for controlling and extinguishing fire, salvage, and rescue work; providing fire prevention education to the community, and many other duties. Duties within a Fire Station involve training and emergency response preparedness, and maintenance of station, vehicles, and equipment.


  1. Responds to emergencies and operates tools and equipment including:
  • Uses all issued personal protective clothing and equipment including Self Contained Breathing Apparatus;
  • Uses hoses, nozzles, adapters, appliances, and portable extinguishers;
  • Operates fire hydrants, sprinklers, standpipe connections and fire protection systems;
  • Sets-up and operates from ladders;
  • Uses forcible entry and extrication tools, including hand tools and gas powered saws;
  • Uses technical rescue equipment including rope rescue equipment, and heavy hydraulic extrication tools;
  • Performs salvage and overhaul including the use of air quality monitors and ventilation fans;
  • Administers medical care using BLS equipment, oxygen administration, and external defibrillators; and
  • Preserves evidence at emergency scenes.
  1. Drives and operates all fire department vehicles and apparatus.
  2. Maintains knowledge and familiarity with departmental guidelines, policies, and procedures.
  3. Participates in Pre-Incident Planning, Home Fire Safety Program, and all department public service programs.
  4. Participates in on-going professional development through training and education, and engages in written, practical and oral examinations as is stipulated by Department policy and legislation.
  5. Adheres to departmental and corporate policies and procedures.
  6. Cleans, decontaminates and maintains personal protective clothing, and equipment.
  7. Cleans and maintains the fire station, furnishings and property.
  8. Maintains professionalism and courtesy in performing their duties.
  9. Performs other duties as may be directed by superior officers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Secondary school graduation or equivalent
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Two years of accumulated work experience
  • Must be compassionate, honest, integral and have a genuine interest to serve and provide an essential service to meet the needs of the community
  • Must have excellent customer service skills with the ability to interact with the public, Fire Services and all other levels of City Staff, in a professional, courteous and tactful manner
  • Must be able to identify, understand, and meet/exceed the requirements of internal and external customers
  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively, including the ability to issue and accurately comprehend written/oral information and instructions in stressful situations
  • Must be reliable and have the ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Must be able to follow direction and effectively prioritize tasks/demands as appropriate
  • Must have proven ability to function and contribute as an effective team member and to work independently
  • Must have strong analytical/critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  • Must be competent within the meaning of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Must have a mechanical aptitude
  • Must be fit and able to handle the sustained, intense physical and psychological effort required to perform the duties of the position
  • Must be willing and able to work in extremely adverse, dangerous and stressful situations
  • Must possess a valid Ontario Class ‘G’ driver’s licence or equivalent
  • Must meet the definition of a competent driver as defined by the Corporation
  • Knowledge and ability to work effectively with computers, computer programs, and software

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience in fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency services (e.g. paramedic, police officer, nursing), military/coast guard, search & rescue
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree
  • Trades qualification(s) (red seal, certifications)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certifications in NFPA 1006 technician level, NFPA 1035, NFPA 1031, NFPA 1072, NFPA 1002
  • Previous Recreational Protective Service experience (Lifeguard, ski patrol, etc.)
  • Previous experience with large vehicle operation, and/or heavy equipment
  • Valid Standard first aid, CPR certification and defibrillation certification
  • Related health and safety training and certification (i.e. WHMIS, chainsaw, working at heights)
  • Previous coaching/teaching/counselling/recreation leadership experience
  • Commitment to volunteerism and community involvement as demonstrated by experience volunteering in social/civil/community events and initiatives, non-profit organizations, counselling, crisis intervention
  • Fluency in a second language or sign language
  • Demonstrated athletic or physical capabilities and achievements
  • Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) testing certificate

Additional Information

  • Must remain a competent driver as defined by the Corporation
  • May be required to provide a successful driver’s record (uncertified)
  • After training, must be able to obtain and maintain an Ontario Class ‘D’ licence with a ‘Z’ endorsement
  • Must possess or be able to obtain Standard First Aid, CPR certification and defibrillation certification
  • Must meet standards for visual acuity (Best-corrected – stable 20/40 binocular visual acuity with no less than 20/100 in the worse eye [soft or RGP contacts, glasses/lens inserts are all acceptable] and Un-corrected – stable 20/100 binocular visual acuity), normal colour vision (testing with either Ishihara Colour Vision Test or the Farnsworth D-15) and vision field testing
  • Must undergo medical pre-placement health screening including successful completion of the Corporation’s employment medical examination, possible MTO medical exam, along with baseline audiometric and pulmonary function testing
  • Must undergo a successful Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)
  • Must have the ability to work at heights or on ladders without signs of acrophobia and in confined spaces wearing SCBA without signs of claustrophobia
  • Must successfully complete the Fire Department’s job-related physical fitness testing
  • Must successfully complete the required probationary exam and evaluation
  • Must work on a 24 hour shift schedule that involves working weekends and holidays

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