Firefighter – Oak Bay (BC) – 2024

NewJobIcon Firefighter - Oak Bay (BC) - 2024
District of Oak Bay
February 23, 2024
Oak Bay, Canada
Job Type
March 15, 2024
Work Hours
4-on 4-off


This is a skilled position entailing firefighting, rescue, and other related emergency services. Personnel also participate in fire prevention programs, including those focusing on the saving of life and property. A Firefighter is responsible for rapidly, efficiently, and safely performing various duties under emergency conditions, which frequently involve considerable hazards. Daily responsibilities and duties include the maintenance of firefighting vehicles and equipment, and standard upkeep of fire department facilities.

Specific orders and directions are received from an Officer during the normal course of maintenance duties and firefighting operations. However, considerable independence of judgement and action is allowed in circumstances of extreme urgency, where obtaining instruction from a supervisor is not possible. Officers will conduct periodic reviews to both maintain and improve the efficiency of the Fire Department facilities and procedures.

Firefighting is an opportunity that offers a challenging, demanding, and exciting career for individuals in an environment where ongoing in-service training and education is both valued and provided.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Emergency Response and Operations
    • Works as a member of a shift or platoon, utilizing extinguishers and ancillary equipment to respond to emergency calls.
    • Skilled in raising and climbing ladders, laying and connecting hoses, holding nozzles, and directing water streams for effective firefighting.
    • Provides varied forms of rescue, removes persons from danger, and administers first aid to injured individuals.
    • Ventilates buildings to release heat, smoke, and gases; places salvage covers to prevent water damage.
    • Drives, operates, and performs routine maintenance on motor-driven firefighting apparatus and other department vehicles.
  • Training and Knowledge Maintenance
    • Attends prescribed training opportunities and participates in drill sessions as directed to enhance firefighting skills and knowledge.
    • Maintains a thorough understanding of all firefighting equipment, apparatus, operational guidelines, and techniques through instruction and self-study.
    • Keeps a comprehensive knowledge of all streets, block numbers, hydrants, and locations of special occupancies within the community for efficient operational response.
  • Communication and Reporting
    • Records communications in written or printed form, assists in the preparation of reports, and ensures that reports are accurately logged and entered in the system or routed to the appropriate personnel.
    • Assists in maintaining and entering operational statistics into computer databases, maintaining the status of streets, and hydrant information for operational response.
  • Fire Prevention and Community Safety
    • When assigned to fire prevention work, performs inspections and clerical duties as required under the direction of an Officer.
    • Creates pre-incident plans for emergency response to ensure preparedness for various scenarios.
    • Provides information related to fire and life safety to the public, enhancing community awareness and safety.
  • Maintenance and Miscellaneous Duties
    • Performs cleaning and varied maintenance tasks on firefighting apparatus, equipment, and facilities to ensure operational readiness.
    • Carries out related duties as assigned, demonstrating flexibility and a team-oriented attitude towards the comprehensive responsibilities of the fire service.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Legal Requirements
    • a. Must have legal entitlement to work in Canada.
    • b. Must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Education and Certification
    • c. Possession of a minimum Grade 12 Certificate or GED equivalency.
    • d. Criminal record check (CRC) for the vulnerable sector, dated no later than 6 months from the date of request, verifying no convictions for criminal offenses or summary convictions.
  • Driving and Operational Skills
    • e. Required to have and maintain a minimum Class 3 and Air Brake endorsed Driver’s License. A driving record demonstrating safe driving behavior is necessary. A current copy of the B.C. Driving Record must be submitted with the application, dated within 30 days of submission.
    • f. Must possess and maintain a WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid, Level 3 Certificate, or First Responder Level III Certification or equivalent. Copies must be submitted with the application, and any equivalencies must be confirmed in writing by WorkSafe BC.
  • Health and Physical Requirements
    • g. A copy of an eye examination from a Doctor of Optometry within twelve (12) months of the commencement of the competition, showing:
      1. Far visual acuity less than 20/40 binocular corrected, or less than 20/100 uncorrected for hard contact or spectacles wearers.
      2. Peripheral vision of 140 degrees minimum in each eye.
      3. Colour vision sufficient to distinguish red, green, and yellow.
      4. No eye conditions that could inhibit safe performance of job tasks.
    • h. Normal hearing without artificial aids, with an audiogram submitted, dated within twelve (12) months of the competition.
  • Firefighting Training
    • i. Successful completion of an approved Fire Fighting training program, NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter I & II. Attach copies of your certificates with the application.

Preferred Qualifications

While the following skills and experiences do not replace the required entrance qualifications, they significantly enhance an applicant's profile:

  • Education
    • Progress towards or completion of a Post-Secondary Education program in Academic, Trades, and/or Technical schools.
  • Firefighting and Emergency Services Experience
    • Previous Structural Firefighting Experience.
    • Experience in additional emergency services including:
      • Wildland Firefighting
      • Police Services
      • Coast Guard
      • Military
      • Search and Rescue
  • Specialized Certifications and Skills
    • Fire Service-related certificates such as:
      • Auto Extrication/Vehicle Rescue
      • Confined Space Rescue
      • Hazardous Materials
      • Technical Rope Rescue
      • Lifesaving Certificates (Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, National Lifesaving Service)
    • Advanced First Aid Certificates:
      • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
      • Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)
    • Certified S.C.U.B.A. diver.
    • Experience in rescue and extrication operations.
    • Building/construction experience.
  • Operational Skills
    • Proficiency in the operation of heavy equipment/vehicles.
    • Competency in 2-way radio communications and/or possession of a Radio Operator’s License.
  • Community Engagement and Soft Skills
    • Community service and/or volunteer experience.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and ability to work effectively with computers and various software programs.
    • Public speaking experience.
    • Active participation in a team environment.
    • Experience in volunteer coaching, teaching, or instructional roles.

Additional Information

The Oak Bay Fire Department's firefighter recruitment process, open from February 22 to March 14, 2024, consists of eight stages: application/resume screening, aptitude/psychometric testing, a preliminary Microsoft Teams interview, a panel interview, reference checks, selection for an eligibility pool pending a physical fitness evaluation, department-specific tests, and a final medical examination leading to a potential offer of employment.

Additional testing may be required, including advanced medical exams and psychometric assessments.

Applicants must successfully pass each stage to proceed, with failures at any point halting further advancement.

Important notes include disqualification for missed deadlines, limited progression to subsequent stages, and mandatory email communication for updates.

Selected candidates enter an eligibility pool for up to two years, though this does not guarantee employment.

Benefits for the role include uniforms, a comprehensive leave and insurance plan, and a starting salary of $72,756.00, following a 4-on 4-off work schedule.

New hires must adhere to residency requirements within the Capital Regional District, excluding Sooke and offshore islands, and successfully complete a probationary period and NFPA 1582 medical standards as employment conditions.

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