Firefighter / Mechanic – Cambridge -2021

Firefighter / Mechanic - Cambridge -2021
Fire Recruitment Job Board Team
May 6, 2021
Cambridge, Canada
Job Type
$57,766 (55% of 1st Class Mechanic – Fire Fighter Rate) with progression to $105,029 (100% of 1st Class Mechanic-Fire Fighter Rate)
Work Hours
This position requires working shifts, including weekends and holidays.


Working within our Strategic Plan, Cambridge Connected, and committing to our values of Integrity, Respect, Inclusiveness and Service, the successful candidate will work together to help the City of Cambridge achieve our vision: A place for people to prosper – alive with opportunity.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Dismantles, inspects, diagnoses, cleans, repairs, overhauls, replaces, installs, maintains, assembles, lubricates and/or adjusts diesel, gasoline, powered equipment; gasoline, diesel, engines; cooling and exhaust systems; gasoline, diesel, fuel systems; hydraulic systems; air supply systems; air and hydraulic brake systems; clutches; automatic and manual transmissions; drive lines; suspension and steering systems; starting and charging systems; electrical systems; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; tires, wheels and rims; differentials; axles; springs; fluid drives; etc.
  2. Inspects, diagnoses, repairs, replaces, overhauls, adjusts and maintains fuel, exhaust, emission controlled and electrical systems, starting motors, generators, alternators, and any other auxiliary parts of diesel, gasoline powered engines and equipment.
  3. Utilizes applicable diagnostic tools and software required to troubleshoot and maintain onboard computer-controlled systems to ensure functionality, performance and reliability of the equipment if maintained.
  4. Performs fire apparatus system preventative maintenance tasks as defined by the manufacturer and ensure calibration requirements are set to specification.
  5. Works with other mechanics to facilitate completion of repairs to vehicles and equipment.
  6. Carries out preventive maintenance inspections, procedures and servicing, and perform periodic mandatory commercial vehicle inspections (PMCVI's) in accordance to original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.
  7. Designs, fabricates and fits parts, components and assemblies.
  8. Inspects, diagnoses and repairs SCBA and other personal safety equipment used by Fire personnel.
  9. Inspects, diagnoses and repairs fire service equipment, appliances, pumpers, aerials, tankers and other fire apparatus.
  10. Performs road and operational tests of equipment for safe operation and to ensure repairs are completed.
  11. Ensures all vehicles and equipment are maintained in accordance to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards including any other applicable regulatory requirements.
  12. Inspects new and existing apparatus and equipment.
  13. Maintains availability of critical spares, preventative maintenance parts.
  14. Ensures adequate supply of bulk fuel is maintained at all times.
  15. Performs routine regulatory inspections of fuel and fuel storage systems ensuring compliance with provincial regulatory standards.
  16. Cleans work area, benches; removes oil from floor; sweep, disposes of scrap metals.
  17. Attends training and development workshops and seminars.
  18. Assists operator in the safe movement of vehicles and equipment in the shop and yard through use of verbal and hand signals.
  19. Responds to after hour call-outs on a rotational basis.
  20. Occasionally operates fire service vehicles.
  21. Shall perform external firefighting operations.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Possess a valid 310T Truck and Coach Technician Certificate of Qualification and/or a valid 310S Automotive Service Technician Certificate of Qualification. Preference would be given to candidates with the 310TThe successful candidate must be willing to successfully attain the second trade certificate at their cost and time within a mutually agreed time period.
  • Possess a Master Level Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification or be willing to successfully attain within a mutually agreed time period.
  • Previous Fire Department and/or Emergency Vehicle Experience shall be considered beneficial.
  • Ability to accurately diagnose and solve mechanical problems.
  • Must possess a valid Ontario Class "D" Driver's License with "Z" air brake endorsement.
  • Must be physically capable of performing the required duties of Mechanic/Firefighter and to work outside in varying climatic conditions.
  • Possess NFPA 1001 – Fire Fighter Level I certification.
  • High school Grade 12 diploma or equivalent
  • Successfully pass the Firefighter medical examination.
  • Demonstrated interest in personal and professional development and in continuing education through ongoing learning.
  • Ability to work shifts and attend after hours call-outs and emergency situations.
  • Familiarity with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations that apply to this work, including WHMIS training.
  • Be able to maintain vehicle and maintenance records in a computerized environment.

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