Firefighter – Department of National Defence – 2024

NewJobIcon Firefighter - Department of National Defence - 2024
Department of National Defence
February 1, 2024
Various, Various
Job Type
16 February 2024 - 23:59, Pacific Time
$81,605 to $95,912


The Department of National Defence (DND) is one of the largest federal government employers, offering over 70 types of civilian career opportunities. DND's role is to provide services and support to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in their operations and missions at home and abroad. The civilian workforce is an essential part of the Defence Team. Your knowledge and expertise contribute to the overall mission. In this regard, the department fosters a work environment where you have opportunities to learn, to develop your talents, to progress in your career and have job satisfaction over the long-term.

The position works at a Base, Wing or Detachment and reports to a more senior Firefighter (FR group) or military position. There is no supervisory responsibility for this position. The technical subject matter knowledge for this position is gained through established occupational courses through a recognized/approved learning institution.

Additional courses for Base, Wing, or Detachment specific needs or re-certification of recognized industry certificates along with frequent refresher training are also required to maintain theoretical knowledge and practical skill levels.

Intent of the process

A pool of partially or essentially qualified candidates may be established through this process and may be used to staff identical or similar positions, in different locations, with various employment tenures (temporary and permanent), language profiles, security requirements, and conditions of employment at the Department of National Defence.

Depending on the position being staffed:
↪ Operational requirements and/or conditions of employment may be required.
↪ Asset qualifications may be invoked as essential qualifications.
↪ You may be contacted and asked to submit information or be further assessed.

Positions to be filled: Number to be determined

Minimum Qualifications

• First Aid & CPR: Valid and endorsed certification from a recognized service provider in standard/basic first aid AND “Level C” cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or higher.


Candidates shall meet ONE OR MORE of the following fire service training prerequisites:

• NFPA 1001 Level II and NFPA 470, Hazardous Materials / Weapons of Mass Destruction standard for Responders, Awareness and Ops level. (notes 1 and 2)


• Diploma of professional studies in fire safety intervention (Quebec)


• Pre-Fire Service Program (Ontario) AND NFPA 470 (Note 1 and 2) Hazardous Material Awareness AND Operations level certification from an accredited training provider.

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Preferred Qualifications

The following will be applied / assessed at a later date (essential for the job)

Various language requirements
French essential
English essential
Bilingual: Various profiles

Information on language requirements

Theories and principles related to:
• Fire fighting
• Emergency response
• Underlying building construction
• Structural firefighting

• Demonstrates Integrity and Respect
• Thinking Things Through
• Works Effectively with Others
• Showing Initiative and Being Action-Oriented
• Communication

The following may be applied / assessed at a later date (may be needed for the job)


• NFPA 1031 - Fire Inspector Level I
• NFPA 1051 - Wild land Fire Fighting
• NFPA 1006 - Technical Rescue Training and Base specific specialty requirements.
• NFPA 1005 - Marine Fire Fighting Training or Damage Control Division (DCD) DND firefighter training courses
• NFPA 1003 - Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training
• NFPA 1002 ARFF - Driver/operator ARFF vehicle training
• NFPA 1002 Aerial - Driver/operator Aerial Training.
• NFPA 1002 Pumper - Driver/operator pumper Training.
• Wild Land Firefighter Training (S-100 or other)
• EMR Training
• Valid Provincial Driver’s license meeting the requirements of driving an emergency vehicle or a truck with a gross weight or registered gross weight of more than 11,000 kg (24,000 lbs) with Air Brake Endorsement.

Additional Information

Please visit the link below for all the details.

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