5th Class Firefighter – Canmore – 2023

NewJobIcon 5th Class Firefighter - Canmore - 2023
Canmore Fire Rescue
February 8, 2023
1021 Railway Ave, Canmore, Canada
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February 26, 2023
$36.01 per hour
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Modeling the Town of Canmore and Canmore Fire Rescue’s core values, the firefighter is a skilled position responsible for delivering emergency operational fire, rescue and medical services to the community.  Firefighters choose safe work practices and efficiently perform various duties and tasks under emergency conditions, frequently involving considerable hazard and personal risk. This position protects life, property and the environment through fire prevention, suppression, rescue, first response medical and other interventions. Firefighters report to a Fire Captain or designate, however they are expected to exercise considerable initiative, judgement and leadership in carrying out their duties. In addition, firefighters are expected to demonstrate continuous improvement through self-motivated study programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Complete the training requirements for the NFPA Firefighter 1001 Level 2 within a year of hire, and other courses as described in the Training Matrix for Class 4 Firefighter.
  • Respond to fire, rescue and medical emergencies in accordance with operating guidelines.
  • Be available for scheduled 10/14 hour shifts each month. Shift availability fluctuates throughout the year.
  • Carry a department issued pager and/or a personal cell phone for the notification of General Pages.
  • Respond to a minimum 15% of approximately two hundred (200) General Page Outs per year.  The General Page Out minimum attendance requirement is subject to change based on administrative directives.
  • Attend a minimum 25% of forty (35) evening training sessions per year.
  • Carry out station routines including tool, apparatus and equipment maintenance and general maintenance of the fire hall.
  • Ensure operational readiness of all equipment and apparatus.
  • Perform related duties as prescribed from time to time by the Fire Chief or designate.
  • Completes, collects, examines and/or submit fire reports and special reports as required.
  • Assist with the implementation of fire education and public relations programs.
  • Excellent customer service and time management skills.
  • Well-developed conceptual and problem-solving skills with the ability to exercise sound judgment.
  • Actively maintain a positive relationship with the public and colleagues.
  • Participate in all aspects of team membership, including group projects and discussions, physical fitness, training and in-station activities.
  • Personal health habits that develop and maintain resiliency.  Ability to observe, identify, and communicate regarding mental health matters.  Willingness to participate in mental health sessions and counseling for the development and maintenance of positive and resilient mental health.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Valid Alberta driver’s license Class 3 with (Q) air-brake certification. An overall satisfactory driver's record is required upon hire.
  • Successful completion of medical and physical testing to ensure fitness for duty
    1. Medical testing requirements are generally based upon the NFPA 1582 (2018 Edition) standard with a restriction placed upon candidates with Category A medical conditions as defined in NFPA 1582 (2018 Edition), Chapter 6, article 6.2.2
  • Be legally entitled to live and work in Canada
  • Candidates will be required to provide a Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • In order to respond to 2nd alarms, accept short notification shifts and to attend training sessions on a regular basis, preference will be given to candidates who reside within a thirty (30) minute response time to the Canmore Fire Rescue Services fire station.
  • Additionally, only candidates that can demonstrate a consistent ability to respond to general pages day/night/evenings/weekends will be considered.

Preferred Qualifications

  • IFSAC and/or Pro Board Accredited NFPA 1001 - Fire Fighting Practices Level II.
  • IFSAC and/or Pro Board Accredited NFPA 1002 including Driver/Operator, Pump Operator and Aerial Operator.  Partial certification of NFPA 1002 may be considered at the sole discretion of the Town of Canmore.  This would be contingent upon successful completion of all NFPA 1002 requirements within the twelve (12) month probationary period.
  • One of the following:
    1. Current Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic or Advanced Care Paramedic with Alberta College of Paramedics certification
    2. Certified Medical First Responder - 80 hrs Advanced First Aid.
    3. Certified St. John Ambulance Advanced First Aid - 80 hrs Alberta Occupational Health and Safety approved course
    4. Certified Red Cross Advanced First Aid - 80 hrs Alberta Occupational Health and Safety approved course
  • ICS 100 (Incident Command System)

Additional Information

Closing Date for Applications: This posting will remain open until Feb 26, 2023.

How to Apply: To apply, please combine your cover letter and resume into a single document (PDF or Word) and click the “Apply Now” button below.

To help us learn more about you, in your cover letter please clearly detail the following:

1. Why do you want to work as a Firefighter for the Town of Canmore?

2. What skills, experience, and (most importantly) attitude will you bring to enhance the team and enrich our community?