Probationary Firefighter – Wainfleet- 2020

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Wainfleet Fire & Emergency Services
September 16, 2019
Wainfleet, Canada
Job Type
October 18 2019
As per agreement
Work Hours


Distinguishing Features of the Job:

 Responds to fire, rescue, and other related emergencies as required
 Reports directly to Duty/Scene Officers regarding activities at the fire ground or station
 Reports directly to the Fire Prevention Officer or Fire Chief all observed fire/life safety
 Reports equipment deficiencies to Station Officer
 Completes reports following an emergency as required
 Completes regular inspection of assigned protective equipment and station wear
 Demonstrates independence of judgment and action in circumstances of extreme
emergency where referral to a superior for instruction is not possible
 Demonstrates responsibility for rapidly and efficiently performing various
duties under emergency conditions, frequently involving considerable hazard
 Carries out specific orders and directions from an officer, in the normal course of
firefighting operations
 Follows all Standard Operating Guidelines, directives, and department policies to
enhance personal safety and comply with the requirements of the Occupational
Health and Safety Act

Examples of Work:
 Ensures the safe operation of all department equipment
 Assists with salvage operations during and following an emergency
 Assists with providing first aid or CPR to the injured.
 Assists with Fire Department pre-planning as required
 Performs such duties as required to further advance public information, public safety,
and public relations within the department
 As assigned, performs various maintenance and cleaning tasks on apparatus and
equipment following an emergency
 As assigned, conducts firefighting/rescue activities at emergency scenes
 Inspects property at the scene of a fire to prevent re-ignition
 Attends assigned training sessions to ensure accuracy in firefighting and rescue
 Participates with in-service training as required
 Ensures compliance with all health and safety matters in accordance with the
Corporation’s Health and Safety Manual and the Occupational Health and Safety
Act and Regulations


Duties and Responsibilities

General Statement of Duties:

Capable and able to respond to an emergency to perform firefighting duties and other
related work as required, in the saving of life and property.

2. Summary of Firefighter Duties, Responsibilities, and Working Conditions:
 Covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
 Covered with On-Duty Accidental Death Insurance Policy
 Hepatitis vaccination(s) are recommended or provide confirmation of current
 Must maintain a reasonable level of health and fitness
 Must carry a pager, supplied by the Fire Department. A web-based notification system
is also used as a communication tool. This tool includes a mobile app for smart-
 Must be able to obtain First Aid and CPR certificates
(training provided by department)
 Must complete a Recruit Training Program prior to activation
 Must be committed to continuous training in fire suppression, prevention, and
emergency first aid procedures
 For reasons of safety, facial hair that may affect the integrity of the face piece
seal of self- contained breathing apparatus, i.e. beards, bushy moustaches, and
long sideburns, are not permitted
 Responsible for performing various duties, under emergency conditions, frequently
involving considerable risk, in a safe and efficient manner
 Tasks include routine duties in the maintenance of firefighting equipment and property,
carrying out of specific orders and directions as received from a superior officer in the
normal course of maintenance duties, training and firefighting
 Must respond promptly, safely, and efficiently to alarms, obey the orders of the officer
in charge, share in the work that is required at emergency scenes, at the fire stations,
and when otherwise on duty
 Must refrain from using offensive statements or language at the emergency
scene, in and around the fire stations, and when on duty in public
 Must be loyal to their fellow firefighters, officers, and the department and at all times
conduct themselves in a professional, compassionate, and sensitive manner,
remembering that he/she is in the eyes of the public while on duty
 Must meet minimum attendance for calls and training

Minimum Qualifications

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

 Considerable knowledge of modern firefighting and rescue techniques
 Considerable mechanical aptitude
 Thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the Fire Department and the
volunteer activities of the department
 Thorough knowledge of provincial legislation relative to the activities of the Fire
 Thorough knowledge of the municipality, including demographics, major industries, and
hazardous occupancies
 Thorough knowledge of the operation of all equipment and methods used in combating,
extinguishing, and preventing fires and rescue activities
 Thorough knowledge of First Aid and CPR
 Agility and strength to do prolonged and arduous work under adverse conditions
 Ability to react quickly and remain calm under duress and strain
 Conscientious, dependable, co-operative, able to follow direction
 Must maintain a valid driver’s license, demonstrate a safe driving record, and be capable
of driving emergency vehicles in a safe manner, in both emergency and non-emergency

Preferred Qualifications



 First aid and CPR certification/training
 Class D-Z or higher driver’s license
 Previous Fire Department experience
 Demonstrated commitment. (i.e. volunteer service)
 Related experience (Nursing, EMS, Mechanical Trades)
 Previous pertinent training (i.e. WHMIS, O.H.S.A.)

Additional Information

Can also apply through Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services  Facebook page.

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