Firefighter Aptitude Test Tuesdays – Water Tanks

Every Tuesday I post a common question you might encounter during your firefighter aptitude test. This week we will be covering water tanks.

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The Problem:

The figure below shows water tanks I and II. The tanks have different shapes. If both tanks are of the same capacity, which of them would deliver higher water pressures at elevation?

WT11 Firefighter Aptitude Test Tuesdays – Water Tanks

1) Both tanks would deliver the same pressure
2) Tank II
3) Tank I
4) Cannot be determined

The Solution:

The pressure of a water container is proportional to its water height.

The tank with the higher water level will deliver higher pressure.

Water tank I has the higher water level.

Therefore, water tank I will deliver water with higher pressure.

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  • Steve
  • Updated February 2, 2020