Aptitude Test Tuesdays – Levers

I am trying something new, again! Every Tuesday I will be posting a common question you might encounter during your aptitude test. This week we will be covering a lever example.

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The Problem:

You can crack a walnut by applying force of 1.5 kg. If you use a nut cutter, how much effort do you need to exert?

Lever5 Aptitude Test Tuesdays – Levers

1) 0.5 kg
2) 1 kg
3) 1.5 kg
4) 2 kg

The Solution:

This is a problem based on a class 2 lever, as load is in the middle of effort and fulcrum.

Use the general equation for a lever:

Weight of efforts x distance between effort and fulcrum = Weight of load x distance between load and fulcrum

From the figure above, we get

1.5 x 4 = w x 12

In order to get rid of the number 12 on the right side we need to divide it by 12.

It’s important to note that what you do on one side you must do on the other.

You then get,

1.5 x 4 /12 = w

Hence w = 0.5 kg.

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  • Steve
  • Updated February 2, 2020