In-Person Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutoring Preparation


Training Location: Total Rescue Training Facility, 6006 Highway 6, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0

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Firehouse Training can assist and tutor candidates to achieve the desired results they will need to be successful and pass a firefighter recruitment written entry exam. Common Subjects on Firefighter Tests include:

  • Mathematicals and Numerical Aptitude
  • Written and Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Situational Judgment and Human Relations
  • Map Reading
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Spatial Reasoning

Written aptitude test coaching can prepare the candidate for the following recruitment testing companies and types using various practice tests and study material:

  • OFAI Ontario Fire Administration Inc. National Fire Select Test (NFST/OS Style Testing)
  • Gledhill Shaw Candidiate Testing Services and Occupational Screening (CPS/OS Recruitment Test)
  • Fire Department Custom Testing (NFPA/IFSTA Firefighter Tests)

All scheduled course dates are tentative, and may be subject to change.

Training Location: Total Rescue Training Facility, 6006 Highway 6, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0

Firehouse Training in partnership with Total Rescue Inc. is committed to providing high quality and professional training to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. As a full-service safety provider, we take great pride in having only the best equipment and most skilled instructors, technical rescuers, auditors, and support personnel. Total Rescue is COR certified and registered with the Certified Professional Trainers Association.All courses meet or exceed NFPA 1001 & 1006 training standards for technical rescue professional qualifications.


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