Face-to-Face Mock Interview


Training Location: Total Rescue Training Facility, 6006 Highway 6, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0

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Many career coaching companies spend a great deal of time critiquing the mock interview after it has taken place, rather than taking the time to prepare the candidate efficiently for it.

At Firehouse Training, we will provide the candidate with specific interview question preparation and analyze key words and quality attributes, to get you to that next level. Our training is based on fire department behavior based soft-skill question preparation, as they anticipate the practice for the mock panel interview. Our mock interview sessions will be complete with suit and tie, and/or appropriate dress required for the candidate, just as they would on the big day. The candidate will understand the importance of warm eye contact and posture, appropriate dress and behaviors, including the various tips and strategies that will ensure a perfect first impression.

Feedback provided from various human resource divisions and hiring panels from both the private and public emergency services management have been given to help the candidate be as prepared as possible…so they can “Smoke their Fire Service interview”! Our coaching staff have experience and knowledge working with a majority of fire services across the country, in regards to the expectations and hiring process’ to guide the candidate, for the specific fire department they are applying for.

Training Location: Total Rescue Training Facility, 6006 Highway 6, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0

All scheduled course dates are tentative, and may be subject to change.

Firehouse Training in partnership with Total Rescue Inc. is committed to providing high quality and professional training to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. As a full-service safety provider, we take great pride in having only the best equipment and most skilled instructors, technical rescuers, auditors, and support personnel. Total Rescue is COR certified and registered with the Certified Professional Trainers Association.All courses meet or exceed NFPA 1001 & 1006 training standards for technical rescue professional qualifications.


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