Hi everyone!

Today I'm really excited to announce the opening of our Facebook group "The Fire Community"​. 

Now I know some of you are asking, "But Steve, you already have a Facebook page, how is this different?"

Well, the difference is quite simple, with a Facebook page, you don't get to voice your opinion and start conversations. With this Facebook group, you have to opportunity to ask any questions you might have to people who are striving for the same goals.

By creating this community, I am hoping to create an active, spam free community where like minded people can get together and help each other in all aspects of becoming and improving as a firefighter.​

The first thing you will notice when trying to join the group is that it's a "Closed" group meaning you have to be accepted to gain membership. The reason this was done was to prevent "spammers" and "tolls" to continue entering the group.

As I'm sure some of you are aware, many people try to sell and promote their "half-ass" products. Others like to get you "going" by posting rude and inappropriate comments. By making this group a closed one, we are preventing these people from continuously coming back.​

The Fire Community Group Description

Here's a short description of The Fire Community.

This group is designed to help surround you with people who "get" you

People who understand your dreams.

People who are here to answer questions, give feedback and provide support.

People who are here to talk you off the ledge if you feel like giving up.

And most importantly this group is for people who are hell-bent on becoming the best firefighter they can be!

Remember: This is a two-way street kinda group! That means you need to actively take part and help others in order to receive help for yourself.


The Fire Community Rules

Yes, there are rules. To make sure this community doesn't burst into flames (Yes, that was intentional), I have set some rules to make sure this ship sails smoothly. 

You can view them here.​

Join The Community!

That's it that's all! All that is left is to join. You can do so by clicking the button below. See you there!

  • Steve
  • Updated February 17, 2023