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4 Tips to Improve Your Interview Skills

Hi everyone! Today we will be going over some hints and tips to help you better improve your interview skills. Let’s jump right to it!​Tip #1 – AppearanceYou would think we wouldn’t have to mention appearance since this is the single biggest interview of your life right? Well, we will anyway.. just in case.Make sure you […]

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Upcoming Training Courses – April / May

Hi everyone!When looking to join a fire department, it’s important to always be upgrading and updating your knowledge and experience. Below you will find all the information you need about the upcoming training available in our learning center.  Upcoming Training Location: Orangeville, ONWebsite: RSRESCUE.CA AWARENESS AND OPERATIONS LEVEL EXTRICATIONApril 19-20, 2016May 14-15, 2016LEVEL 1 EXTRICATION (AUTO […]

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Introducing The Fire Community!

Hi everyone!Today I’m really excited to announce the opening of our Facebook group “The Fire Community”​. Now I know some of you are asking, “But Steve, you already have a Facebook page, how is this different?”Well, the difference is quite simple, with a Facebook page, you don’t get to voice your opinion and start conversations. With […]

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20 Sample Firefighter Interview Questions

Hi there, In this post, I supply you with 20 commonly asked firefighter interview questions. Before we get to the questions, here are a couple hints and tips for getting through the interview. Keep these in mind while you formulate your answers. Take the process seriouslyBe yourself, try to relax and make yourself comfortableFirefighter interviews are timed. […]

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