Let's FAST-TRACK your Interview Results with Firehouse Training's Face-to-Face Coaching!

* Southern Ontario Only (Located Total Rescue Training Facility, 6006 Highway 6, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0)

With the help of Firehouse Training, leave any doubt behind and smoke your next firefighter interview.

Firehouse Face to Face Interview

Is this your first interview? Or even worse, have you gotten to the interview multiple times with no success?

Are you afraid of getting to your interview and not remembering any of your answers, having them come out all wrong or not knowing if the answer is too long or too short?

You're not alone...

It's been proven that without the proper preparation, and the proper tools - time and time again, great candidates fail to get past the interview.

Thankfully, with Firehouse Training, we break down both your verbal and non-verbal skills to ensure that every answer is exactly what the interview panel wants to hear.

We make sure you leave with the confidence and the knowledge on how to approach your next interview.

Our Face-to-Face interviews are personal, intense, focused and we take a no nonsense approach to becoming a firefighter....


At Firehouse Training, we will provide you with specific interview question preparation and analyze key words and quality attributes, to get you to that next level. Our training is based on fire department behavior soft-skill question preparation, as they anticipate the practice for the mock panel interview. 

Our mock interview sessions will be complete with suit and tie, and/or appropriate dress requirements, just as you would on the big day. You will understand the importance of warm eye contact and posture, appropriate dress and behaviors, including the various tips and strategies that will ensure a perfect first impression. 

Feedback provided from various human resource divisions and hiring panels from both the private and public emergency services management have been given to help you be as prepared as possible…so you can “Smoke their Fire Service interview”! 

Our coaching staff have experience and knowledge working with a majority of fire services across the country, in regards to the expectations and hiring process’ to guide you for the specific fire department you are applying for.


The team at Firehouse Training began running training, consulting and coaching meetings and one-on-one prepatory sessions out of a retired rural fire station in Durham Region. Since we began, we have assisted many fire service candidates navigate through the competitive process of attaining a professional career in the fire service.


Here's what others have to say...

Firehouse Face to Face Interview

Laura, Innisfil

I was hired by the Toronto fire department last year and it wouldn’t have been without the help of the professional career coach. We reviewed my application prior to submitting, practiced for my interview and helped me understand what it is like to be a part of a panel interview process. I felt very prepared and it was worth it when I got my job offer.

The interview question preparation and mock interview practice played a big role in me getting hired by the Oshawa Fire Service. Taking the extra time to review and organize my portfolio of certificates prior to the interview, paid off immensely as well. Thanks so much!

Firehouse Face to Face Interview

Karl, Oshawa

What's the first step?

The first step to being comfortable in the interview is to be prepared. - If you don't feel prepared or feel like something is missing, let Firehouse Training put your mind at ease!

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